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Milled at Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake, when available.
Multi-leaf Bibb and Butterhead
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Chocolate, 70% Single Origin Colombian Dark - 4 oz bar - SARATOGA CHOCOLATE CO.
70% Pure Dark Chocolate.

Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, natural vanilla flavoring, soy lecithin).
'The 70%'
Cider, Apple - 1 gallon - RED JACKET
Milled at Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake, when available.
Eggs, Grade A Large - 1 dozen - THOMAS POULTRY FARMS
We carry eggs from Thomas Farms in Schuylerville.
Insect Repellent, Natural - 4 oz mister - SKIPPING GOAT FARM

Pasture and Path natural tick and insect repellent

"When I spend time outside, whether working in the goat yard, the garden or the field, I like to keep it natural. Pasture & Path spray is a blend of oils that keep flying insects and ticks away. It's a great herbal alternative to DEET based repellents, and it's safe for pets and children.

To use: Shake well. Mist evenly over skin, hair and clothing, or apply to hands and rub into skin. Take care to avoid contact with eyes. For best use, reapply every two hours while outdoors.

Contains: witch hazel, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, essential oils of geranium, lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and lavender.

Please recycle or reuse packaging.

We care about your wellbeing and the environment. All of the products we produce are free of SLS, palm oil, paraben and phthalates. Our packaging is sustainably sourced- 70% or more recycled, compostable, or able to be recycled." - Ami Lahoff, Skipping Goat Farm
Lettuce, Hydroponic - 1 head - SUSTAINABLE AQUA FARMS
Grown in Berlin, NY.
Multi-leaf Bibb and Butterhead
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Parfum Solide, Amberette Vanilla Honey - 1 oz jar - SKIPPING GOAT FARM
"Sanguine Parfum Solide is an all natural perfume crafted with essential oils, resins and essences. It's an amberette scent with notes of vanilla, warm honey and incense, and a top note of bright orange that gives way to deep wood.

In ancient times, perfumes were made as solids, using beeswax and oils, such as this one. The result is an easy to carry scent that can be reapplied or layered as you wish.

All of our perfumes are gender neutral and able to be worn with other Art & Alchemy line scents for a custom experience.

You will receive a 1 oz amber jar.

Contains: coconut oil, natural beeswax, essential oils of benzoin, myrrh, cedarwood and sweet orange." - Ami Lahoff, Skipping Goat Farm
Pasta, Beet Fusilli - 16 oz - SFOGLINI
Made in New York. Certified USDA Organic. Vegan and non-GMO. No additives or preservatives.
Yogurt, Whole Milk - 32 oz - ARGYLE CHEESE FARMER
Flavors: Maple; Vanilla; Plain. Please write in your flavor selection(s) in the Comments section at checkout!
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