About Us

Farmer's Market Home Delivery is exactly named.

We consolidate local top quality produce and deliver it to your door - so you save time and trips to the grocery store, get better for less, eat fresher, supporting local family food and farms.

Handpicked and handpacked by local produce expert, Anthony A. Battaglia and his son, Anthony M. Battaglia, our boxes flow over with freshest farmfood provisions from local growers and food artisans, local butchers, local dairies, local chefs, and local foragers. Local milk and honey, local lamb. Local mushrooms. Local ice cream.The Local Food Exchange.

Combined with a full, premium line of produce: fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and groceries, imports and domestic, from apple to zucchini.

We offer everything you need to feed yourself and your family every week, including meal kits, diet kits, wholesale cases, and recipes - as well as discounts at local restaurants and convenience stores.

It is our aim to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers. And thus we invite your feedback and welcome your dialogue. After all, this is your platform; may it forever improve.

Anthony Battaglia's Farmer's Market Home Delivery, the Capital District's clearinghouse and wholesaler of the highest quality produce, delivered to your door. Family-owned since 1917.